Namaste! we are the 2019/2020 Nepal team, more commonly known as the NePALS, or sometimes even the Kathmandudes.


We’ve spent the last month at training in the far away and very exotic city of Birmingham, getting ready to go overseas as well as getting to know one another. During our time at training we’ve learnt more about God, His mission and the part that BMS plays within that, the teams we will be working in and ourselves. As well as giving us the skills and servant mindset that we will need for our time overseas, training has also given us some amazing memories; many of these memories took place at the always mysterious and ever notorious Min Y Don Adventure Centre in Wales. We would love to tell you all about Min Y Don but unfortunately we have all been sworn to secrecy – and besides – there are simply no words in the English language capable of describing the Min Y Don experience. Maybe by the end of the year I will have found some Nepali words that are able to convey the truly … unique experience that was our week in Wales.


During our time at training we had the privilege of spending two weekends at Harbourne Baptist Church, who immediately welcomed us into their church family. On the second of those weekends we were involved in their grand kitchen opening on the Saturday by planning a games room for the children and a prayer room and on Sunday by leading the entire church service – which none of us had ever done before. The sense of community in the church was so strong and we are excited to visit the church again at Easter after we return to the UK. We also had the opportunity to attend Birmingham Chinese Evangelical Church where we barely made it three metres through the front door before someone had introduced themselves to us and started up a conversation. Even in the relatively short time that we spent there it was clear to see how loving and full of the Holy Spirit the church was.


Now that we’ve talked about our time at training, we think it’s time to properly introduce ourselves.



Hi, I’m Naomi and I’m 18 years old. I live in Basingstoke and have two sisters. I am super excited to be going to Nepal and even more now that I’ve met my amazing team! Training has been really helpful not only for teaching me valuable lessons for when I am overseas but also for bonding with my team. I love pudding (I’ve had it twice a day for the past month) and another fun fact about me is that I once did an exam in pajamas! On a more serious note I’m really looking forward the the year ahead and I hope that this year helps me to come closer to God and helps me to rely on him more.





Hey! My name is Hannah and I’m also 18. I live in Aberdeen in Scotland with my parents and two sisters. I can’t believe we are at the end of training and heading out to Nepal in a week! I have really enjoyed training and getting to know my team, we get along so well and I’m excited to spend the next six months together in Nepal together. A fun fact about  myself is that I was once chased by an elephant! I am looking forward to learning to trust God in every situation and getting stuck into projects. I am also excited to visit such a beautiful country, experience a new culture and see what God has planned.





Namaste! I’m Gemma and I’m 18 years old. I live in Brighton and I have three sisters and two half brothers (such fun!) and of course my fantastic dog. I have LOVED this season of training in Birmingham with all of the other Action Teams and it has made me even more excited for going to beautiful Nepal with my lovely team. A fun fact about me is that I have high fived Usain Bolt!








Hi I’m Lucy, I hail from Glasgow in Scotland and I am the writer of the amazing, awe-inspiring, groundbreaking, and I’m sure, soon to be award winning blog. I live with my parents, older sister and young (but far taller) brother. Over the past month I’ve really enjoyed training – particularly culture week, in which we looked at what culture is and how it affects the way we see the world. Another aspect of training that I really enjoyed was the experience of living with so many other young christians who were passionate about their faith. I am most looking forward to joining a Nepali church and experiencing a completely different way of worshipping God and getting an insight into what church looks like in a culture very different to my own.





Prayer Points

During this time we would love if you could pray for the following things:

  • Confidence in sharing our faith with others.
  • Our language learning and that we would be able to pick up as much as possible in order to minimise the language barrier
  • Our safety and health while travelling
  • Thank God for our supervisors and the work they do
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  1. Ruth says:

    yes pals I love this! 10/10 journalism Lucy and I can’t wait to read the next one to see what you’ve all been up to. ❤️

  2. Erin S says:

    What a great first post! Can’t wait to hear about what you guys get up to over the next 6 months. Big love to the nePALS!

  3. Lizz says:

    Fab blog NePALS! We’re praying for you at HBC, looking forward to reading all about your travels and adventures!

  4. Jacob Barron says:

    Great blogs peeps,
    I am holding out till the end of the year to decide on the best blog, however I can say this ranks high.

  5. David Chedgey says:

    Inspiring and interesting blog ladies. I especially liked Hannah’s fun fact…being chased by an elephant – in Aberdeen? That must have been quite something I thought they were extinct up there now.

  6. Philip Bedingham says:

    Well done! Praying for you all as you fly out tonight. May God bless you and fill you with His amazing love. Glad I’ve found your blog

  7. Christophe Pinel says:

    Very interesting blog, nice written and easy to understand even for a French oncle who is not used to read in english.
    It looks like it will be a great experience.
    I will follow it with much interest !

  8. Jutta Pinel says:

    Good idea to start this blog. Really interesting for German OMA to follow the mission of her grandchild and her team mates. Wish you all a great time so far away. I am waiting with much interest for the next report Lucy will produce.

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