Primeira semana em Mourão! First week in Mourão!

What a week! Filled with excitement, challenges, laughs, and adventures. We’ve loved living in Mourão for 10 days, we’ve definitely had some challenges to overcome but we’ve stuck together as a team, had a laugh and most importantly seeked God in times of need.

We’re adjusting to lots of things such as Portuguese timings, the culture, food and the way they live everyday life – which is a lot different from the UK! Everyone in the village is so friendly, even if you don’t know someone they’re willing to say ‘Ola’ and have a chat. As the village is so small, we’re starting to recognise some of the locals which is nice. We’re able to go and sit in a cafe, practice some Portuguese speaking and try to have conversations with the locals.

Our highlights so far…


There have been so many fun activities we’ve done as a team over the past 10 days, it’s hard to just choose one! The highlight that sticks out for me the most is going to Spain for the afternoon on the 15th. As Mourão is so close to the border of Spain, we were able to go an explore some of the local ruins which was an amazing experience. We got to visit the ruins of a castle which had been destroyed by the Portuguese many years ago, which was interesting to see and learn about. We then went to a ‘castle on the hill’ – I know there’s some Ed Sheeran fans out there 😉 We walked up to the castle and saw some outstanding views of Spain, which is surprisingly a very different area to Portugal! On our way back to Portugal we were able to stop off on a bridge looking over the lake and watch the incredible sunset! The views in Portugal really do show how amazing God’s creation is.


Over the past 10 days, I’ve really enjoyed being able to spend time with my team in God’s presence. We decided one evening to go on a bike ride to the lake, we took our bibles and speaker and watched the sunset while listening to worship songs and having some devotions together as a team. By studying his word with breathtaking views really helps us to be reminded of how great he is and how wonderful all his creation is, no matter where we are in the world.


So far in 10 days I/we have… Met so many wonderful and unique people and awkwardly made rude/funny mistakes with the language! We’ve seen above 30 degrees, tanned, seen numerous sunsets over lakes, castles, and fields and also seen unending amounts of stars. We’ve ridden bikes on the wrong side of the road, laughed until we’ve cried, and cried until we’ve laughed. Had our butter eaten by cats, washing machine leaks (and electric shocks!) George and I went on a sunrise bike ride, had gym sessions and runs. We’ve shopped at the local supermarket, gone to a 1-year-old’s birthday party and thrown up.. 🙁 We’ve gone to Portuguese mass, Spain for the afternoon, saw a group of Portuguese men singing beautifully in a winery, learned Portuguese – not all of it but made progress.  And these are a few of my favourite things.. (well, most of them!)


Over the past 10 days, my highlight has been the sunsets! We’ve been down to the lake to see it and we went on a trip to Spain and watched the sunset on the bridge. It was so nice just to stand there and watch, it was a time to relax and witness something beautiful. It’s wonderful how we get to see these amazing views every night. Also, another beautiful thing to witness is when its a clear night and we can see all of the stars in the sky – and even other planets like Mars and Saturn!

Prayer Points…

  • That we continue to get involved with the Portuguese culture and gain relationships with the locals here.
  • That our visas are ready in time for Mozambique.
  • To trust God each and every day and trust in his plan for us.
  • That we would continue to learn the Portuguese language and use it confidently.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting and checking up on us. We really appreciate it all and value your prayers so much!


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  1. Chrisine Williams says:

    Great to see your blog and the photos, giving us a glimpse of your life there.
    Sending love and prayers xx

  2. Jacob Barron says:

    Great to hear how you’re getting on and was lovely to speak to you yesterday, even if some people were more excited to see Paddington than me. God bless.

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