Sabai Sabai

(Sabai Sabai means relax/ take it easy in Thai.)

So our last couple weeks have been very eventful.

Last Sunday we prepared for a service in front of one the villages in which we performed a drama, sang a Christmas version of hallelujah & Jonny told us of his Testimony.
(As part of the outreach, they wanted to give presents to everyone as a symbol of God gift of His son at Christmas. This did result in a raffle where everyone won a prize. We were invited to pose for photos when giving each prizes and we had to call the numbers out in Thai in which great amusement was found.)



But the best part of the celebration was seeing roughly 30 people come up to the front & give there lives to Christ. Even though some may not know exactly about what God means to them, its very encouraging to see Gods work happen around us. We look forward to hopefully seeing more.



During the week we teach English at two different schools including the Whitehouse. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays we work at the local school of Wang Deng where we’ve recently been planing our Christmas play. The children are lovely & every time we enter the local school we’re greeted with a lot of excitement including many fist bumps.


On Fridays we work at the Christian school in Uttaradit. Lately we’ve been teaching them Colours, Weather & a bunch of different songs.
Even though at the Christian school there’s only one Christian staff member it gives us a chance to open up about our faith & teach the children stories from the bible.



Every other Sunday we host a morning service at the Whitehouse in which we share a bit about ourselves, sing some songs, go through a bible study (in Thai) & get to know the local teenagers a bit better. Last Sunday the teenagers stayed around a couple hours to discuss the creation with the youth worker. Seeing this was very encouraging & we’d appreciate prayers for the youth who come to our sessions but also the ones we work with within the community.



Prayers Answered:

  • Everyone is thankfully well & Anna has done well to avoid it.
  • Building friendships with the locals & teenagers.


Prayer Points:

  • For our Christmas outreach within the community to go well.
  • For locals who will come to see our Christmas performance with the kids & that God will enter within their hearts.
  • The youth who attend our sessions & Sunday bible study for God to light a fire inside their hearts.


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  1. Esther says:

    30 people, that’s amazing! Another great blog, keep up the good work guys x Lots of love from Team France

  2. Darrell says:

    Sounds like the transition and settling is is going well. We continue to pray, and remembered you all in our morning service tomorrow. The swimming pool has dispelled any thoughts that you are “roughing it” 😉
    Oh and thanks for the “raffle” idea. Might just use it in a talk I’m giving tomorrow

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