Second Month In Delhi

What is mission? What is our purpose? These two questions have plagued us constantly over the last couple of weeks. Just when we think we’ve answered them everything seems to change and we feel as though we are back at square one.

However, before we explain the challenges let us focus on the many joyous experiences we have had since we last wrote a blog post!

Tallest Tower Competition

Trash Fashion

At Anusaran we have started to make the week our own. Each week has a theme, so far we have had: geography week, space week, emotions week, jobs week and we are currently in the middle of festival week! (We are teaching the girls about different festivals around the world with the aim of spreading the Christmas message at the end of the week). We have also put the girls into teams (slightly like school houses) and on Thursdays we combine our classes into these teams. They complete challenges based on the topic of that week in an effort to reiterate the content they have (hopefully) learnt. The girls are incredibly competitive and constantly disagree over which team should get the point added to the score board. 


Old Delhi

Street Barbers

Garden Of The Five Senses


Outside of school our explorations of Delhi have continued although as our weekends become fuller our time to explore diminishes. We have visited Chandi Chowk which comprises of narrow lanes all jumbled on top of each other and crammed full of tiny shops selling everything known to man. We have also visited Akshardham temple, a mosque, Sikh temple, Catholic Church,  the garden of the 5 senses, the zoo and Dwarka’s crowning jewel: the toilet museum. It’s been interesting to learn about different religions and how they all fit in a country that is trying to phase out all religions except Hinduism. 


We are also steadily becoming more involved in the church community. Leading Sunday club each week has allowed us to show the church that we can be trusted and means we are being given more responsibility. (Most recently we have been entrusted with putting ribbons through bookmarks which will be handed out at the Christmas Eve service).

We are also slowly forming relationships with the church youth. We were even invited to a wedding. The wedding we attended was a Christian wedding and bore surprising resemblance to a wedding you’d find in England. The bride was wearing a white dress, the ceremony structure was largely the same, they cut the cake and also threw the bouquet. We did get to wear saris though which was fun. We had a great time shopping for our first Sari’s and even more fun getting all dressed up in them with bangles and henna. It was so incredible to experience a mix of a Christian and Indian wedding and the food and colour’s were amazing!

We are also continuing our careers as dance teachers. Teaching the church youth our dance has been a real blessing as it has allowed us to bond with them as we work towards a common goal.

Now on to an experience that left us feeling slightly lost and disheartened. We would really appreciate any advice anyone has for us so please feel free to offer your two cents whether it be in the comments or via email (



We visited the mountain project at the end of November, beginning of December. The journey there was amazing. We left Delhi behind us and traveled through villages and jungles before climbing to the top of a mountain. Once there though we were greeted by a cloud and extremely cold temperatures that are unusual for the time of year and we hadn’t been expecting. We found the cold conditions challenging and the project we were working on was less finished than we’d been expecting. This didn’t stop us, however, we got stuck in where ever we could filling in holes, picking and shelling peas, fitting curtain rails and varnishing banisters. We all fell in love with the mountain. It’s such a change of pace from Delhi and left us feeling useful. 

We did all react slightly differently to the mountains though. Some of us found the fact we were going to spend 1-2 months living there exciting while others found it daunting. Some of us we sad to leave while others were excited to be more connected to the world again. 

Unfortunately since coming back and being in contact with BMS we were notified that we were no longer going to be moving up there due to a lot of practicality reasons. As a team we really struggled with this news and are still unsure on what we will be fully doing after January here in Delhi. We were all so passionate about the mountains dispite the difficulties we experienced up there. We will be still in the school here in Delhi but we are praying that we are able to get stuck into other projects here and feel valuable and are able to give even more to the community. We are praying also for the opportunity to have another short visit to the mountains towards the end of our time here.

Overall our experience with the mountains has been a rollercoaster of emotions and has left us feeling slightly lost. It is important for us to remember, however, all the good that has happened and as a team we are trying to focus on that and put our trust in God.

Currently we are getting ready to celebrate Christmas here in Delhi together. We are very excited for all that it will bring, especially as we have our team holiday afterwards, where we are going to explore a bit more of India. We are very blessed for all the incredible experiences we are able to have together and are excited to see how God continues to teach and use us as a team and as individuals.

Thank you so much for all your continued prayer and support for us, if you want to pray for us here are some specific prayer points:

-Christmas Eve function, that we are able to share the word of God and bring joy to others

-That we have a renewed sense of purpose and are really able to make a difference in peoples lives here

-We are are able to live by faith and not by sight

-For our safety and that we remain healthy

All our love,

The Delhi Gals x




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  1. Erin S says:

    So lovely to hear an update from you guys! Well done for all your hard work at school it sounds like you are really a blessing to those girls. Sorry to hear about your situation about going to the Himalayas, sounds tough but hopefully some good will come out of it. Love and prayers to you all x

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