We’re singing in the rain

After saying our goodbyes to all our friends & supervisors in Chiang Mai, we embarked on a 5 hour journey to Uttaradit. Wit and Helen, our supervisors, were very welcoming & hospitable, they gave us a full day tour around the village, introducing us some of the villagers. We immediately felt welcomed; being told to call the local shop owner ‘Baa Pin’ (auntie Pin), we sensed we are entering into a new family.

We’ve now settled into our home which is called the Whitehouse. The Whitehouse has many uses such as guitar lessons, basket weaving, prayer meetings,  a youth chill out area & even a classroom for many different ages. However, we were a little disappointed to find out there was no “Oval office”. This house is where Wit & Helen have been doing a lot of their outreach work to the local community of Wang Dang, sharing their faith and always opening the gates, welcoming anyone who wishes to come.

Helen joked that instead of it being called the ‘Whitehouse’, it should be called the ‘lighthouse’ because they really want it to be a place of Jesus’ light to the community.

Here are our first impressions of ‘village life’ in Thailand:

  • Never before have we had more eyes staring at us than here, but in Wang Daeng; a stare can quickly change to a smile.
  • Nothing’s a secret in the village. More than once has Wit known what we’ve been up to before we’ve told him.
  • We’re constantly receiving gifts or “food packages”of completely new foods from completely new people. (“this is a actually the best” -Anna)
  • Turns out, there’s no sleeping in this village. Weddings that last from 5pm until 12pm the next day and our new neighbour, the cockerel have taught us this.
  • Wit has taught us a new phrase that is now often used among the team; “sabaai sabaai” which means “everything’s chilled”, and it’s certainly true in Wang Daeng.

The climate here is currently very hot (not so “sabaai sabaai”), we have all learnt not to be distracted by sweating. As a result, we had been praying for cooler weather. Little did we know that God had plans better than we could ask or imagine. He didn’t just answer with a few degrees cooler, he gave us the heaviest downpour of rain possible. God really does answer prayers.

Singing in the rain

Our main purpose here is to teach the local children english, predominately using games and having fun. We are very busy, with 10 classes a week, though have felt blessed to have Helen with us, often bouncing in with new creative ideas to try.  You will hear plenty more about this in the following blogs.


In this edition of Jonny’s List.. an insight to ‘Team Thai’s embarrassing moments’:

  1. Anna put her shopping in someone else trolley. It’s bad enough when this happens in the UK, but trust me it’s even better with the added language barrier.
  2. Keziah fell off her bike 🙁 and Wit comes the next morning and tells us “news is spreading.. the whole village knows you fell off your bike”.
  3. More than once have we been mistakenly seen as married couples and had to convince locals otherwise.
  4. We were dancing and singing with joy on the road the night it rained, but somehow our neighbours mistook our talented dancing for fear and thought that we were scared of the thunder. So now we’re the weird British neighbours who jump about outside because they’re scared of thunderstorms.


Prayers answered:

  • Cooler weather
  • Smooth transition from Chiang Mai to Uttaradit
  • All of our local school classes have been cancelled this week which has been a blessing as three of us have been feeling ill (God answered this prayer before we even prayed it)


Prayer Points:

  • Quick recovery for Jonny, Paul and Keziah from the cold, and that Anna survive the epidemic
  • We will put into action what God has been speaking to us about and that the ‘Whitehouse’ would in fact become the ‘lighthouse’
  • That we would continue to have fun with the kids and build deeper friendships with the locals
  • Obviously we have started preparations for Christmas outreach- please pray that God will use all that will happen for His will
  • Pray that God will reveal Himself to the people of Wang Daeng and grow His church here

Check out our recent vlogs here!

Thanks for reading and praying – Team Thailand 🙂

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  1. Andrew Benton says:

    Really enjoyed the blog guys! Sounds like you’re all doing really good work and and settling in well.

  2. Fiona and Keith Johnson says:

    A great read, especially the embarrassing moments, made us smile!
    Will pray that all the Christmas plans help those you meet to have an encounter with Jesus.
    Thinking of you all lots.

    • Thailand says:

      Thanks for your prayers, they mean a lot! We are going to try and reduce the number of embarrassing moments!

  3. Jean Powrie says:

    So good to read all your wonderful news and to learn how marvellous God is as He answers your prayers. You are all amazing and I love you all. Looking forward to reading more blogs.
    HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone!from Jean at Leamington Spa Baptist Church

    • Thailand says:

      Thank you so much, this made us all smile so much! Excited to come back to Leamington Spa and tell you more about the work God has been doing! You are amazing too! Have a great time celebrating the birth of Jesus!

  4. Debbie Wilson says:

    Great to hear about your time with Wit and Helen in Thailand. I hope you all have an amazing time and that God will work through you to Bless the people of Wang Daeng.

    • Thailand says:

      Thank you for your support, we are loving being here and joining Wit and Helen in the incredible work they are doing!

  5. Val Kennedy says:

    Thank you for your inspiring blogs and vlogs. We are keeping you in our thoughts. It’s really great to see how you related so well to the children at Hope Home and are now becoming part of the community in Wang Daeng. We really long to see you all again when you return to the UK and we can hear more from all of you about how much you have been blessed. I echo Jean’s words, wishing you the best Christmas ever. It’s not easy to be away from home at this time of year, but I pray that your new family in Thailand will make you feel welcome and that you will enjoy each other’s company. Love from Val in Leamington Spa.

    • Thailand says:

      It so nice to share this experience with you! We feel blessed to be here and joining in God’s work! Thank you so much, wishing you an incredible Christmas too and hope all your festivities go well! Praying for you all! Love Team Thailand

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