Tea and Trust: Interview with the Linkowskis

Supervisors Peggy and Etienne Linkowski lead Nice Baptist Church. They live with their 3 children Charlotte (18), Pauline (16) and Pierre (12). We asked Peggy and Etienne a few questions as our time in France is drawing swiftly to a close.

How did you both meet?
We both were youth leaders for Youth For Christ summer camps and happened to be on the same team. But we actually were just friends to begin with! It took a couple of years before we started dating!

What do you think the differences are between British and French culture?
Clearly, we are great fans of the Anglo-Saxon culture! More positive and enthusiastic than the French, you guys are easygoing most of the time. But you drink so much more tea than the French! Also, as you may have seen, the French confront when they’re not satisfied. They go on strike every other day! You are also much more respectful of your authorities and institutions.

Why did you both choose to do a Gap Year as young people?
We both had the desire to try and see on a short term mission what the ministry could be like. Etienne chose a 2 year involvement with a Baptist Church in Lyon, and decided at the end of this period to go on with Bible college studies. As for Peggy, she chose to do a gap year in Ireland with Youth For Christ. It was a real confirmation for her that her faith wasn’t just relying on her comfortable church network, Christian friends or family as it was a real break, away from any thing familiar.

When you were our age, where did your faith stand?
Both very much involved in our churches. Both had already been given responsibilities that were helping us grow and understand what serving meant. Working with others was really character shaping! Each on our side, we have been encouraged by people who supported us and invested in us! God was working in us already then to prepare us for His plan for us as a family.

What do you need prayer for at the moment?
We really have a strong conviction about being here in Nice, where God wanted us to be. It’s now 18 months since we’ve come to minister this church. The needs are huge and we sometimes feel stretched from all parts to support and encourage every generation, Christians and also the many people who are searching. It’s beautiful, but very tiring. We pray for leaders to step in and for wisdom with all the massive projects that need to be launched soon! The building desperately needs to be refreshed and there again, we’re looking forward to seeing what God is going to do with our 5 loaves and 2 fishes! Pray for rest, wisdom and leaders!

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide chere Action team!

-For God to give Peggy and Etienne wisdom and rest
-For the people taking initiative in the Nice projects
-For needed renovation work on the church

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  1. Sarah Kobrus says:

    Merci beaucoup team Linkowski for hosting and stretching Jonny and this youth team! Praying abundant blessings for you and your community. Love how God has woven our Polish/French His story together.

    • Linkowski says:

      C’est avec plaisir que nous accueillons cette équipe! But Jonny’s cakes will be missed when he leaves!! Still wondering if we’ll have the team try snails before the end of their time here!?

  2. Jean Underdown says:

    What an insight,thank you all
    Numbers Ch 6 vv 24-26 for.you all
    Lots of Love and Prayers Jean xxxx

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