Team Kolkata Over and Out

Dear friends, thank you for reading this final instalment of our blog, we are going to share a few reflections from our time together since September. Once again thank you for all of your support and prayer, may God bless you.



Something one cannot fail to take away from this programme is a lesson about trusting God, it may not always be clear what the Lord is trying to teach or show you in any given situation at the beginning, what you do eventually learn or are show may surprise you completely. Although more than a little nervous to set out to India in October I am pleased to say that after the initial few weeks I settled down well and India felt like home. I could not have imagined the fun and joy that I was lucky to experience and be a part of over the programme and I know that by trusting The Lord more at an earlier stage, that it would all be okay, I would have saved myself a lot of fussing! I have learnt to be grateful for that which we are blessed to have, both big and small things, often its easy to see the big things which we are blessed to have, which people abroad do not, such as brick houses, enough food and clean water. However I am now much more thankful for the little things which make life not merely bearable, but pleasant, the fact we can have meat every day if we wish, the availability of hot water and clean clothes, and of course road crossings and which make crossing the road easy and not a life or death risk. For all that I have learnt, for all that I have experienced and for all that I will remember I am thankful to Erin and Emily, with whom I spent this year, to everyone we have been lucky enough to get to know and meet, and most of all to Our Blessed Lord, from who all gifts come. Thank you.



I can’t quite believe that we are in our final week of tour which means the last week of action teams! The past 10 months have been such an adventure and I have learnt so much! For a start, I’ve learnt that I like people!! Before action teams I dreaded having to make new friends or speak to people I didn’t know but now I love it and I think it’s one of my strengths. I have also seen in practise so much that I knew before but hadn’t necessarily seen. For example, I’ve always known that God has a plan for my life, it’s easy to say that. But this year I have seen that God really does have a plan and even when there are difficult times and I can’t understand the plan, He doesn’t leave me but is working it all out – his ways are higher than mine, He’s God and therefore I can trust him with my future whatever it holds (I know it will be exciting, our God doesn’t do boring!) Something I’ll never forget from Kolkata is the passion that the people there had for Jesus and how they showed that in worship and prayer and how they knew who God was and so knew he would act and meet with them and answer their prayers. I want to become more like them and be more faith filled and determined to see God breakthrough in my life and the lives of people around me and going forward from action teams, I’m excited to see how God grows this in me. Tour has been very tiring, fun but tiring and I’ve not always been able to see the point in doing it. But through travelling around I’ve met some great people who have been able to speak into my life and inspire me in the way that I live and in my relationship with Jesus. I think I have found tour hard because you don’t necessarily see any results from all the effort and energy you give out, but I have come to realise that that’s where faith comes in – trusting that God will use what we give him. All I can do is give Him what I have and let him do the rest!



“If the Lord had not been on our side…” (Psalm 124:1)

I have been thinking about this verse a lot recently, about it’s truth for me this year. There are many challenges that I can remember that if God had not been on my side, I could never have overcome. I would never have had the courage to go to India and be a part of the incredible things God is doing there. I would never have stood in front if the hundreds of people that I have met on tour and (hopefully) encouraged.
It’s amazing what happens when you step out in faith with the knowledge that God is on your side! I have experienced this more than ever this year and I want this truth to remain with me no matter what I face in the future. God has certainly made it known to me that he will provide.


We are thankful for all of the people we have met over the past 10 months and all that God has shown us!

Please pray that we would be able to take some time to rest and God will use this time to prepare us for university.

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  1. Sarah Fuller says:

    Thank you for all your blog entries over the last 10 months! We’ve loved following! Praise God for all He’s done in you and through you! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday

  2. Mac & Odge says:

    I also want to say thank you for sharing with us what you have been doing over the last 10 months.
    It has been great hearing how God has been working in your lives in India and here as you
    Visited different churches in the UK. Enjoy your time of rest and sleeping in your own bed!!

  3. Sarah P says:

    Well done, you incredible young people. I am grateful for the way your faithfulness and discipleship has encouraged me to grow in my faith. May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you, wherever He may send you.


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