Tears, Hugs & Prayers

Leaving Wang Daeng felt as though time had moved on quite quickly, and while staying there all the people in the village made us feel so welcomed & a part of the village. The work we have been involved in has been an absolute gift to us. We’ve met some incredible people, and have made some amazing friendships along the way.

During the end of our stay in Wang Daeng the whole team have definitely improved in our painting abilities. The Whitehouse has an amazing mural painted & designed mostly by the girls as it illustrates how Jesus broke the chains of the world when he died on the cross, from Jesus comes life and He is the King of kings. Jonny & I gave the hall front a new cover of paint where we previously performed our Christmas show in-front of the village.

Now, after arriving in Chiang Mai we have been very busy working at Hope Home, and Ban Sabaai. The past week we have been giving Hope Home a new cover of paint around the building and seeing all the kids. We’ve also been working with Ban Sabaai for a couple days helping in any we can in both clearing and cleaning.



During the end of the week we visited Kim Brown who is involved in a project that helps bring children out the slums for an education in pre-school. It was great being able to be greeted by kids as they gave us a warm welcome with a few of their favourite songs. After the visit we were given tour around the slums of where the kids come from.

Our time & stay has been an absolutle blessing to us. We thank everyone who has supported us with love & prayer during our journey.We hope to see you all very soon.

God bless

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