The Christmas Special

Christmas in Kolkata is not something we are likely to forget anytime soon. Borrow Din as they call it here (literally translated as “The Big Day”) was very different to our traditions back home but we did enjoy this special time in a totally new environment.

Thing we liked most about Christmas in Kolkata:

Tom –  I really enjoyed our secret Santa that we did as a team.

Zoe – We had a live nativity at the guesthouse which was amazing to see and experience so many people hearing the story of Christ’s birth!

Naomi – I absolutely loves going to all the Christmas programs we went to ! As a team we prepared the kids from school to a dance and we danced with them and it was so lovely. The school prepares so much for 

Lewis – We went to Park Street on the evening of Christmas Eve. It was amazing to see it so busy and the Christmas spirit finally hit me as I saw the amazing lights and I heard Christmas songs (some of which directly referencing Jesus, which none of the lights did). I felt very connected to the people of Kolkata as we celebrated together.

Thing we missed the most from Christmas at home:

Tom – I missed having a Christmas dinner.

Zoe – I really missed my church’s carol service because I couldn’t get people to eat a ridiculous amount of mince pies and cakes! 

Naomi – STOCKINGS !!! I missed going to bed before midnight and not getting any stocking from Father Christmas aka mum 🙂 

Lewis – You can’t beat Christmas dinner with the family! I missed the turkey, the Yorkshire puddings and even seeing the sprouts!

Our projects have also been having Christmas shows and events. So we’ve enjoyed a more relaxed environment, less focussed on teaching meaning we had a chance to really grow in our relationships with the children from baked potato night to preparing dance routines. 


Uniquely, we were more excited for Boxing Day than we were for Christmas. We travelled to Delhi and met with the second best Action Team to begin our 3 week holiday together of the Golden Triangle including camel riding and seeing the Taj Mahal. So we have a lot to look forward to!

Please pray that as we don’t have projects each day that we still strive to get closer to God each day. We don’t have the pressure of teaching the word of God so we hope this is a time where we can relax and each grow in our relationship with God. 

The protests in India did not affect our flight to Delhi, please pray as we get a lot of trains around the different cities that we don’t get caught up in any unpleasantness and pray for peace in this beautiful country we call home.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Glad to hear you had such a nice Christmas period. One correction though, Team Delhi are in fact the best team. Sorry to disappoint.

  2. Cynthia and Richard says:

    You are all amazing!!!!!! God loves and cares for each one of you, you are precious in His sight. Enjoy Delhi be assured of our prayers – thank you for your prayer requests. For you we echo Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians. Ep 3 v 14-21. NIV

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