“The Lord Wants Them to Learn to Mop”

Team Peru has been extremely busy the past few weeks adjusting to the culture and getting stuck into life here in Lima! Three weeks ago, we began our work at the Bethel Christian School, where we are helping teach English, art and music. The school was set up by the church, which meets in the same building, and is located in the Callao district. Callao has a reputation for being a rougher area of Lima, and as a result many of the children who attend the school have difficult family situations and come from varied backgrounds.

Since we started at the school, we have been preparing the students for “English Day” on the 8th November. This day will be an opportunity for the students to show their parents the English they have learnt. We’ve been teaching English spelling to all, as well as helping them to prepare dialogues that they will perform, and have, in some cases, been stretched in our own spelling knowledge!

We’ve also been having our own lessons, learning Spanish with a lady from the church. Our Spanish may still be limited, but it has been improving and and it’s safe to say many of the children at the school now know our favourite foods and what pets we have!

We also joined the school on their annual camp for three days. We would be lying if we said we loved it, as realistically it was probably our low point of our time in Peru so far. Unfortunately, Katie became ill from the food, while the rest of us struggled to make ourselves useful and understand why we were there. However, by the end of the three days, we had formed relationships with some of the students we had not yet talked to and had heard testimonies from some of them of how God is working in their lives. We also viewed it as an opportunity to improve our volleyball skills, as so far we have managed to embarrass the whole of the UK with our lack of hand-eye coordination! I think it’s unlikely that we will be competing in the 2020 Olympics, but at the rate we’re improving you never know!

Since being in Peru, we’ve had multiple issues with bathrooms, but the main one being that we manage to flood them wherever we go! The night before we left for the camp, our shower drain stopped working and we ended up flooding the whole of our bathroom and kitchen! Fortunately, our lovely hosts, David and Marilyn, came to the rescue and helped us mop up and unblock the drain. However, the following evening, when we were at the camp, we were in the middle of preparing crafts, when we were informed that we’d managed to flood our room there! After returning, we told Marilyn what had happened, who took a somewhat positive approach and told us (via Google Translate) that “the Lord wants them to learn to mop”.

High Point:

Celebrating Bethan, Katie and Becky’s birthdays, which included LOTS of cake, laughter and celebrations.

Low Point:

Katie and Bethan both getting ill within a matter of days of each other.

God Point:
We’ve experienced the reality of God providing. We’ve found it in the little things, such as being given lasagne and garlic bread for lunch, when we were in need of a break from Peruvian food. However, we’ve also seen it in the larger things, such as him providing this school, which feels so safe and welcoming when you walk through the door, in this rougher community. In particular, there is a woman at the church called Milagros, who runs the kids club that we help at on a Saturday. She told us how she did not have the money to send her son Matthew on the school camp, so told him to pray about it. On the day we left for camp, Matthew showed up ready for a normal day at school, when one lady told him to go home and pack and that she would provide the money for him to go! We really have been amazed by how God provides in both the little and big things.
Prayer Points:
  • That our Spanish continues to improve
  • For our general health, as our stomachs adjust to the different food
  • That English Day will run smoothly and the kids remember what they’ve learnt
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  1. Andy Toward says:

    Loving your blogs. Keep going girls. Will pray for your Spanish and for the English day at school. Everyone looks so happy in the photos. God has his hand on you…

    • Jane Larkman says:

      Lovely to get a more in depth insight into your lives there. May 8th November be very special for all of you. God bless, encourage and keep you all well xx

  2. Andy and Jane Coombes says:

    It is good to hear from you and be updated.
    So great to hear how God is answering your prayers.
    We will be praying through your prayer points.

  3. Hazel Huggins says:

    Wow! What amazing experiences you’re all having. Loving that God is showing up in the little things and the big. Keep trusting him on this adventure. What an opportunity for all of you to grow. Keep drinking it in:). Will be praying back here in soggy Devon. Hugs for you all. X

  4. Grace says:

    Thanks Team Peru. We definitely expect you all to come back excellent moppers and volley ball players! So many encouraging stories through highs and lows, thanks for sharing.

  5. Barry Evans says:

    Great to hear what you are up to! Praying that you will bear much fruit and God will be with you in the big and the small stuff. May He protect you from illness and anything that tries to thwart His mission for you there.
    Also that your Spanish will start to come naturally, and you will be channels of God’s grace in every conversation you have.
    Love and hugs
    Barry & Sue Evans xx

  6. Esther Ruddle says:

    Praying for you guys in Peru! Hope the flooding situation improves and you start feeling better. Nothing but love from everyone in Team France!

  7. Dot Plummer says:

    Love these updates! Looking forward to seeing your newly refined mopping skills in action when you get home! Praying continued blessing and protection in all you do xx

  8. Elaine McKibben says:

    Great to hear your latest blog – thank you. And lovely to see the photos which help us imagine you in your new situation. We were praying for you especially last Sunday in church. We have a birthday spot each week and as it was Becky’s birthday, we sang happy birthday to her too! Glad you are learning what it means to follow Jesus – he washed feet – you are washing floors! Keep on serving – you never know how much God is using you to share his love. Love Elaine (Becky’s pastor)

  9. Ros Plummer says:

    Thanks Becky, great to hear your news. I expect your Mum will be very happy with your new found mopping skills. Keep the stories coming, they’re fascinating to us leading ordinary lives. x

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