The One When We Went To Cusco

In January, we had the amazing opportunity of getting to spend two weeks in Cusco, working in a school and spending our team holiday there. Cusco is a city in the beautiful Andes mountains and once capital of the Incan empire; however, our journey there wasn’t so smooth! After flying all the way to Cusco, our plane was unable to land due to a storm and had to turn around and fly all the way back to Lima. As a result, we got spend a very relaxing day in a Holiday Inn and flew to Cusco the next day.

Half of our time in Cusco counted as our team holiday, where we went on multiple tours seeing the Sacred Valley and Sacquayswaman (an ancient Incan settlement) amongst others, whilst learning lots about the Incas and being horrified by the fact they used to sacrifice children! The best tour by far was Machu Picchu, which was even more stunning than it looks in the photos and rendered us all slightly speechless which, if you know us as a team, is not a common occurrence! We spent four hours in awe of it and all agreed that it is an amazing example of God’s wonderful creation!

We also saw lots of alpacas in Cusco and had the joyful experience of hugging a couple of baby ones, we are all trying to figure out how we can get one home or if BMS will allow us a team pet alpaca…

This trip wasn’t all holiday and we spent the other half of it working in a school that the local church had set up. We had the pleasure of working with Becky, who was an Action Teamer on Team Peru in 2015-16 and has now returned to do her year abroad here it was so refreshing to spend time with an English person who knows exactly what this experience is like (thank you Becky!). We helped in some of her classes, looked after some of the younger kids and also taught some of our own English classes, which involved parachute fruit salads and even some ceilidh dancing! It was so lovely to see beyond the touristy centre of Cusco and get to know some of the local people, seeing what God is doing through their work and getting to help a little.

We organised our trip with people from El Puente Baptist Church, which was set up by BMS. We felt so welcomed and looked after by the people of the church throughout the two weeks, from them bringing us food and putting blankets on us when we had altitude sickness on the first day to them taking us out to see traditional dancing and try traditional food. After only being there two weeks, we were sad to leave our new friends and the beautiful city, but we felt so blessed for our time there and that we were able to experience more of this wonderful country!

If you want to see more from our trip to Cusco, we made a video:

Prayer Points:

  • Give thanks that we had a refreshing holiday in Cusco
  • Prayer for the people of El Puente Baptist Church in Cusco and the work they are doing in the community there
  • For Becky and her last few months in Cusco, that God will continue to give her energy and enthusiasm for her last few months
  • Prayer for us as we travel again this week with the BAptist Seminary in Lima to Ica and the work we will be doing there, whatever ever that may be!
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  1. Steph Rodger says:

    Looks like you had a memorable trip. I’m glad you got there in the end. Love the alpaca jumpers and hats!

  2. Elaine McKibben says:

    Well girls, another great insight to life for team Peru. I’m so glad you are getting all this experience with children – we have a Messy Church session for you to organise when you visit Catterline – keep those creative ideas coming! Love Ex

  3. Barry says:

    Great to hear that you are having positive experiences, thanks for the update as ever….
    Praying that your next task will be fruitful too!
    Love from Barry & Sue xx

  4. Anjanette Williamson says:

    We worked with BMS in Cusco so it is a very special place for us. So glad you got to spend time at El Puente and Los Patriotas.

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