Toilets, Treasure Hunts and Traumatic Experiences

In our training, we looked at relating to God, team, culture, self and BMS. These were some of our highlights we’d love to share with you:

Min-y-don was… eventful. Three of us hated it, one of us loved it- can you guess who? Surprisingly, the activities weren’t actually the most testing part; Jack locking us in a toilet was. He walked free whilst the rest of us lay SAS style being punished for his stupidity. After reconciling and seeing each other in our worst states, we all agree that we bonded. 

Two weekends of our training were at Edward Road Baptist Church, which is situated in a mainly Muslim community. We led a couple of youth groups, giving us valuable experience for working with children and young people in Mozambique. Another task was to complete a treasure hunt. In this, we had to search for things like a miswak (feel free to look this up if you don’t know!), dog food (which was pretty much non-existent in the area we were in) and a vegetable we’d never seen before. We also had a lot of fun when we joined the worship group, especially Alex on drums, who had never played before but ended up playing in the service!

As part of our relating to culture training, we visited a Potter’s House Church. We really enjoyed their enthusiastic style of worship and felt very welcomed. It gave us a flavour of church life in Mozambique, which we are excited to be a part of.   

We spent a day in Birmingham city, where we were set three challenges. The first was to buy things to give away with £3 each. People were intrigued as to why we were doing this, allowing us to share a bit about our faith. This helped us to understand the meaning behind “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Challenge two was to hold a sign displaying ‘Share your Worries’, which initially made us apprehensive. However, we had opportunities to pray for people and spend time listening to their stories. The last task was to listen to God and ask for clues for a person that may like prayer in the city centre. This was a new experience for all of us and was fairly challenging but we would be up for trying again. The video below is a collection of the day’s events.


Please pray for us as we travel in two weeks’ time and begin settling in Mozambique. If you’d like a more detailed prayer card, please let one of us know. Here’s a few pictures of other parts of training: