Touch Down in Peru!

¡Hola! It has been officially a week since Team Peru arrived in Lima! After two very long flights we made it all in one piece! As we aren’t starting our work in the Bethel Christian School until tomorrow, we have spent the past week adjusting to the culture and getting our bearings. So far we’ve met our supervisors, Daniel and Regiane, as well as our host family, David and Marilyn and their three daughters, Christina, Sophia and Andrea and Raisa (their big but loving dog!). We have also visited the school and church as well as attended a kids club and youth group at the church. As we spent most of this week getting to know Peruvian culture, we thought we would share 5 things that we’ve learnt so far…

1. Peruvians love their food!

It is safe to say that this week we have been well fed! This week our diet has predominantly consisted of chicken and rice, as well as a favourite Peruvian drink – Inca Kola. So far our favourite dish has been Pollo a la Brassa, which Bethan describes as “Nandos but better”. We are certain that we will not be losing any weight over the next six months and are extremely happy that we packed many pairs of loose trousers with elasticated waistbands!

2. Times and Plans are Flexible

Before coming to Peru, we were warned that Peruvians often do not always arrive on time and plans are often likely to change. However, we did not realise quite how true this was! So far, we are enjoying the “go with the flow” culture and how we are never quite sure what is going to happen in a day! On Wednesday, we were expecting to have a chilled day by ourselves, but ended up being taken by our hosts into the Historic District of Lima, followed by a trip to the beach at sunset and topped off by some Peruvian dessert none of which we were expecting or told!

3. How Peruvians Greet Each Other

This week we’ve learnt that most Peruvians greet each other with a single kiss on the cheek. However, we’ve also learnt that some prefer a handshake. We’ve been caught out on this and there has been a few embarrassing moments when we’ve gone in for the kiss, but they’ve given us their hand, or we go for the hand and they go for the kiss!

4. Their Driving is “Different”

It is safe to say that we are extremely glad none of us have to drive during our time in Lima! We’ve found that the roads here are very busy and indicators and lanes to be somewhat optional concepts! We’ve also found that the number of seats in a car is no obstacle to transporting a larger number of people. So far our record has been 11 people in a car with only 7 seats!

5. Peruvians are so Loving and Welcoming!

Since being in Peru, we have been so welcomed by everyone we have met! The people here have been so loving and generous towards us and we’ve felt we have be been so welcomed and accepted into the community here.

Prayer points:
  • Our first week working in the school
  • Our supervisor, Regiane, as she recovers from an operation
  • Patience and quick understanding as we try to learn Spanish

Thanks for all your continued support and prayers!

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  1. Elaine McKibben says:

    Dear Becky, Bethan, Katie and Marika, great to hear from you and to know that you have received a warm welcome from everyone. My name is Elaine and I am one of Becky’s pastors from Catterline. The photos are beautiful and so helpful as we imagine you all settling down. I’m glad Becky will have children and a dog to love! In Catterline church this past Sunday, we were studying Mark 10:17-31 and were thinking about Jesus’ promise that those who leave homes and brothers and sisters and mother and father for the sake of Jesus and the gospel, will receive a reward. We were praying for the BMS teams especially in this regard. May the Lord reward your step of faith and keep you safe through any difficulty. Keep your news coming. Love from Elaine and Catterline Church. XXX

    • Team Peru says:

      Thanks so much Elaine!! That passage is so encouraging and I can’t wait for you to meet the rest of the team! Xx

  2. Simon Gudger says:

    Wonderful to hear that you are safe and beginning this exciting time in Peru! Your blog was a real encouragement to read, and we continue to pray that God will not only use you mightily in your time out there, but He will also challenge and mould you further in your Christian walk with Him. We look forward to the next update! Blessings on you all 🙂 with love from Simon, Lou, Luke, Ben & Faith at Catshill Baptist xxx

    • Team Peru says:

      So great to hear from you and we hope you are well! We can’t wait to see what God will do in the next six months! All our love to Catshill xx

  3. Paul Fisher says:

    Great to read your news, sounds fantastic. Every blessing for the work and experiences to come.
    Love and prayers.
    Paul and Debbie

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