Training & Goodbyes

Hello & welcome to Team Thailands first blog.

Hope you enjoy.



During our month of training at the IMC we’ve had four weeks of various sessions, a couple weekends at church placement and a few days at Min y don. Our sessions were great as they prepared us for what activities, resources and games to use with kids to make sure there engaged but it also included country briefings and planning for culture shock.


Our stay at the IMC was amazing particularly because there were twenty seven other young adults who all had a passion for christ and were willing to commit to a journey across the world. But what also comes along with other young adults is their passion for hot chocolates and biscuits as there seemed to be an incredible amount of biscuits disappearing very quickly.


For a few days we headed to north wales to an adventure centre called Min y Don. Sounds like great fun right. Well not really as this wasn’t what anyone was expecting. We experienced numerous challenges pushing everyones comfort zones further than we would of thought. Even though most of the time at Min y Don wasn’t enjoyable at all! .. it really formed the team together as we began to improve a lot as individuals  and learn more about ourselves. What got us through the majority of the time was Keziah’s singing as it kept the team pushing further, rowing faster and swimming for food quicker. After Min y Don the team knows quite a few Disney songs including our current favourite Moana.





For our church placements we attended Leamington spa Baptist church where we were kindly welcomed by everyone especially Anthony, Jean, Valerie, the Barkers and the Archers which made our time there amazing but also making it feel quite like home.

Whilst at Leamington spa baptist church we grew as a team and became more confident as we got involved with the church. We became a part of the local Boys Brigade helping with all sorts of activities both indoors and outdoor. We baked cakes a day before and socialised with the congregation after leading a morning of prayer. We also ran an evening service which was my highlight from training where spoke of what we were about to do and how they an support us in prayer.Our stay at Leamington spa really showed how God moves through people not just through prayer but through love, Kindness and generosity.