Twas’ the Month Before Christmas…

When all through the school,

The team were stressed, but trying to keep their cool;

The children were busy working away,

Memorising lines for the very last day;

The stage was set for the show to begin,

Every single child wore a grin;

They sparkle and shined, and spread the good news,

Of Jesus our Saviour, the King of the Jews;

Team Delhi were next, putting their Bollywood to the test,

Everyone was laughing, we were trying our best;

One Sunday school, our friend named Ashu,

Wouldn’t eat icing, he thought it was glue;

Christmas came around, the days moving faster,

Before we knew it, we were carol singing with the pastor;

The big day was finally here,

Thoughts of our saris filled us with fear;

So much material, so little time,

If you asked Abha, our pleats were a crime;

Showing up late, and ready to sing,

We sounded sub-par, but it was all for the King!

Our Sunday school kids showed us their moves,

And as it turns out, they know how to groove;

Ruth and James offered to host us,

We took the Metro, didn’t fancy the bus; (nice try Amy)

They prepared us a feast, as a taste of home,

Then came the pud, it was a perfect dome;

The night drew to a close, we snuggled up tight,



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  1. Elaine McKibben says:

    Who wrote the poem? It’s wonderful – I was transposed to Delhi with you! You all look wonderful in your saris – will they come home with you? We think of you often and thank God for all the work you’re doing in His Kingdom. Much love Elaine.

  2. Esther says:

    The greatest piece of literature possibly ever written. Such a fun idea for a blog! Merry Christmas!! (Even though I’m really behind on reading the blogs and it’s now Feburary. Whoops)

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