Two weddings and a Sports Day

Dear friends thank you for again reading our blog, we hope you enjoy this post, although it will be slightly shorter than many of our previous ones.

We were really excited after our holiday to get back to school, it was great to get back on the school bus and see all the children’s smiling faces again. We noticed that a significant number of the children that had been regular attendees before Christmas were gone because they had moved up to new (more structured) schools, as a result there were lots of new children in our class. This week we visited Daspara school, one of the other schools run by GNCEM (Good News Children’s Education Mission). We saw lots of the children that used to come to our mobile school now attending Daspara. It was so incredible to be able to see these children again in their smart new uniforms, but still with their same smiling faces and know that they are in a school where they will get a really good education, still be loved and taught about Jesus! Also this week there has been a lot of excitement at school because it had been sports day. Two days were spent practising the different events before the big day arrived and the children battled it out for podium positions! We had some classic races you would expect to find in sports day… running, egg and spoon, skipping etc. and then some events that maybe don’t feature in a British sports day, such as cock fighting – where the boys hop around on one leg and bash into each other to be the last man hopping haha!! The kids absolutely loved sports day and were very proud to accept their medals, Gold Silver and Bronze, and certificates on the podium.


Soon after getting back into the swing of things after our holiday we were delighted to have been invited to a show organised by the same people who run the school we work at in the mornings, GNCEM. This show was held at science city, a very large complex of museum like buildings, with the show being held in a central auditorium there. As soon as we arrived we noticed that there was an enormous queue to get into the building where the show was being held, however one of the teachers from school soon spotted us and took us right to the front, skipping past perhaps 400+ people in the line. This was more than a little embarrassing for us, I am not sure everyone in the line was best pleased…. The show began with a loud and excitable bout of singing, accompanied by some of the children from the various schools ran by GNCEM dancing on stage, which was very impressive especially considering the young age of many of the children. The show continued with lots of dancing, some was traditional Indian whilst some was more modern. The show ended finally with the Indian national anthem, some songs along with many of the children dancing. The show was very good to see, we were lucky to see one of the children from school.

There were smiling expressions and excitement as six women dressed in beautiful saris piled into the car (the men were in another car)! Tonight was a night to celebrate! Tonight we were headed to an Indian wedding reception of one of our friends who works in the office here at the guesthouse. It was a first for Cameron, Emily and I! We arrived to see the venue adorned with lights and flowers accompanied by music blaring out of huge speakers in the car park. On entering there was a stage with two thrones where the two brides (it was a joint wedding reception between two couples) were seated and two extra chairs for the grooms. After queuing (yes, queuing!) to greet the couple and say “Obhinandona” (congratulations) we mingled and ate some quite spicy but tasty appetisers. Soon, it was time for the main event (well, in my book anyway!)- the food! Having been told that how memorable a wedding is depends on the food, we were looking forward to it. The meal consisted of several courses including pea kachori (snack similar to a samosa), chickpeas, biryani (of course!) and a few deserts too. It was all delicious and a great way to end the evening!

We are thankful for:

• Feeling re-energised and re-motivated as we start our projects again
• For people who have kindly treated us to meals out
• The opportunity to see the school children after they have moved up

Please pray for:

• For the children who have moved to the next school, that they will adjust well
• For the children remaining at the mobile school that they would feel loved and be able to learn
• For the children at Daisy Project. When they speak to us they often ask for prayer for their studies, so please could you join us in this prayer.


For our next blog post we would like to answer any questions you may have for us! So please leave your questions in the comments section below and look out for the answers coming soon!!! We would love to answer lots of questions so please do think of some and leave them below, thank you 🙂

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  1. Mac & Odge says:

    What are some differences between India and home and what is similar? What
    has been difficult and what has been easy? Great to read another blog. Will
    continue to pray for you and those you meet each day. Lots of love. xx

  2. Andy Fuller says:

    Another great blog post – Team Kolkata definitely top-of-the-shop on blogging!
    A question – as a result of your time and experiences in India, is there anything about God or maybe in the Bible that you now see differently (in a different light, from a new perspective, with fresh insight…?)
    With love to you all…. Dad / Andy

  3. Grace (Team Delhi 16/17) says:

    I have been loving following your blogs and was especially pleased that you had a lovely holiday with team Delhi!

    My question is, what is the most unexpected/surprising thing that you have come up against, and how did you deal with it?

    Keep up the great blogs, and I hope you have an amazing rest-of-your-time in Kolkata!!

    Lots of love xxx

  4. Phil Stewart says:

    Looking forward to hearing first hand about your travels and experiences when you are back in Shirley next month. What will you miss most about Indian life/culture when you return to the UK? And what will you miss least?!

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