We made it to Mozambique!

After a very long, confusing and quite a stressful process, Team Mozambique have finally made it to Mozambique! As soon as we arrived we began to get stuck in and involved with our projects and the community. We’re so happy to be here and so excited that we finally made it. In this blog we’re going to go into some detail about the projects we’ve been getting involved with, hope you enjoy finding out about what we’ve been up to!

Nwananga School

During term time we help out at a local English speaking school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The first day we went to school we got thrown in the deep end and had to teach English lessons on our own – which we hadn’t prepared for! Although this was a very big challenge, we’re glad we experienced it as it has built our confidence in teaching classes and helped us to understand some of the better ways to teach English. The next few times we went to the school it was towards the end of term so we watched and helped supervise the practices for their school graduation. The graduation they have is like an end of year assembly in the UK, where each class does performances, sing, dance and get given awards and certificates. Now that the school has broken up for Christmas and their summer holidays, we are helping out at a holiday club. The purpose of this club is to help teach English to those who struggle with learning it. As a team we are trying to bring the fun into learning so we prepare games and fun activities which will keep the children focussed, entertained and help them to understand the basics of English.



Masana is a street boys project that we help out with on Tuesdays and Thursdays during term time. They work closely with boys from as young as 5/6 to teenage boys who have chosen to run away from home and live on the streets. These boys have chosen to live their lives on the street instead of at home because they believe they have a better life away from home. We walk to the centre and arrive at 8am, help the worker’s butter bread and get the cars loaded up to head to the beach. We get driven to the beach nearby which is where the boys meet us, and sometimes en route, we pick up some street boys who stay a bit further from the beach. Once everyone has arrived we get stuck in with some games and activities. The boys absolutely LOVE football so we play a long competitive game with them. We then occasionally do some team activities and have competitions against other teams which they really enjoy. After some fun, we all sit down together and listen to a devotion (in Portuguese) and have a time of prayer. This is really nice to see that the boys have an understanding of God and enjoy listening to the stories from the bible. After the devotion, the boys get given some bread and juice and enjoy eating together as a group. We then part ways and say goodbye until the following time!

Ferroviário Baptist Church

Ferroviário is the Portuguese church we attend every Saturday and every other Sunday. The form of transport we take to get to and from Ferroviário are chapas, which are like small vans turned into a 12 seater minibus. Travelling on these is definitely an experience – because there are usually at least 15 people on board, all squashed in order to get where we need to be.. Crazy! (photo of being inside a chapa on the bottom right) On Saturdays we attend a youth bible study in Portuguese. We don’t always understand what’s going on but quite a few of the youth are able to speak and enjoy practicing their English so they translate for us which is so kind. We are hoping to get more stuck in with the bible study after Christmas and potentially lead a bible study in English a few times so those who want to can practice their English speaking and listening even more. Every other Sunday we attend Ferroviário’s church service. The service usually starts with worship (often in Shangana, which is the local language – but really fun to listen to and try to speak too!) The service then goes onto the sermon which is in Portuguese but again, some English speakers very kindly translate for us. The service then ends with a few more songs and notices and then we are able to spend some time chatting and forming friendships!

New Life International Church

We are so thankful to be involved with an international church! New Life has their youth group every Friday evening and as a team, we have started to lead the sessions. So far we’ve taken 2 Fridays and they seemed to go very well with positive feedback which is good! A typical Friday evening consists of games to start – ‘my chair’ is a favourite! We then go onto an activity related to the bible talk we’re going to speak on. We do the discussion part and then split the youth up into different groups so they can answer the questions given and discuss to one another. Once the questions have been discussed we come back together as a big group and share our thoughts, opinions and experiences. After this, we have a worship time which is a nice time to reflect on what was discussed. A few more games are played and for the last 20 minutes, it’s chill time.

Every other Sunday, we alternate between New Life and Ferroviário church. As a team, we really enjoy and appreciate being able to sit, listen and experience an English speaking church. Two weeks ago New Life had their church picnic and we had so much fun attending! There was so much amazing food, a swimming pool, volleyball, and an icecream machine!! We’re forming lots of new friendships and enjoy getting alongside the youth.



Visa Update…

So, as a few of you may know already – getting to Mozambique was not an easy process! When we applied for our visas in Portugal, we applied for work visas. However, we were only given visas which would allow us into the country for 30 days. This had a big effect on us getting to Mozambique and caused us to miss our initial flight as we had to change return tickets etc for everything to work out. Thankfully we arrived smoothly and we are able to continue the visa excitement in Mozambique! Our wonderful supervisors have been working hard to get the correct visa renewal sorted for us and our passports and documents are currently in Immigration, after a 7 hour long day of sitting around waiting to be seen. We are hoping and praying that we are able to pick up our passports on Friday 13th and have visas which will last until the end of March. Trusting that God has his plan and it will all work out accordingly.

Prayer Points

  • That our visas are successful and will be sorted out for the rest of our time in Mozambique.
  • That we don’t feel too overwhelmed with the busyness going on.
  • Comfort for us and our families as we’re away for Christmas.



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  1. Ruth says:

    love this! Great to hear more of what you’re up to and so excited for you that you’re in Moz and getting stuck in! Love you guys and will be praying for visas ❤️

  2. Jacob says:

    Thanks for the update and super happy you’re enjoying Mozambique, I’m so jealous.
    We’re beginning to feel you’re pain when it comes to visas, we also have to try and sort ours out before January. We’re always praying.

  3. Lucy says:

    So happy that you’ve finally made it to Moz, the work you’re doing sounds great – particularly the street boys project!

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