“What on Earth are you doing in Peru?”

Inspired by our training church’s questions (Bewdley Baptist Church), and Team France’s Blog, we (I) decided to write another blog before we fly off. This blog will explain a little more of what we will be doing, as well as getting to know the team a bit better and our mascot.



Month 1

So firstly, the plan. Much like many of the other teams, our main focus upon arrival will be language learning. This will take place in Arequipa. Our first month will be spent here at a school that our supervisors assure us is great, however Arequipa itself will bring it’s own challenges as it is 2335m above sea level. Almost certain illness and learning a new language should go swimmingly.


Questions from Bewdley Baptist Church


What colour is your toothbrush?

Sophie – Pink

Erin – Wood (it’s a bamboo toothbrush)

Jacob – Pink

PB – I have a red and blue one, to match my coat and boot. It also has Thor on it, not sure who he is but Jacob says he’s “cool”


Star Wars or Harry Potter?

Sophie – Harry Potter

Erin – Harry Potter

Jacob – Star Wars

PB – Jacob told me to say ‘Star Wars’


Do they eat Guinea Pig in Peru and will you try some?

Sophie – Yes I want to be adventurous

Erin – Yes, why not

Jacob – I can’t wait, also I’m hoping to try tarantula too

PB – I think I’ll stick to marmalade sandwiches


Month 2-6

Most of our time will be spent in Iquitos, where we will be working with the Mahons on any projects they are currently working with. This includes working in a primary school, with drug addicts and with various churches. Iquitos is right in the middle of the Peruvian part of the Amazon rainforest. This makes it inaccessible by road or train, in fact it is the largest city in the world to not have road access. The prospect of this is very exciting and intimidating to us all.


Questions we stole from Team France (Shhh)


What is your Favourite Food?

Sophie – Yorkshire puddings

Erin – Pizza

Jacob – Homemade bean chilli

PB – Marmalade sandwiches


Tell us a Fun Fact about you

Sophie – I was born with 12 fingers.

Erin – I used to live in Nepal.

Jacob – I have more than 10 pairs of bright green sunglasses and for no real reason.

PB – Marmalade sandwiches are one of your five a day.  I am from deepest darkest Peru and that is where my Aunt Lucy lives now.


What was the best part of training?

Sophie – Making everyone tea and just laughing with everyone.

Erin – Sending time with all the other teams, getting to know each other.

Jacob – Surprisingly Min-Y-Don, there was one afternoon when we all (THIS TEXT HAS BEEN REMOVED BY BMS ACTION TEAMS) mad right? To be honest I’m surprised they let us do stuff like that.

PB – Meeting lots of new friends like, Richard (Bestie) and Largelarge Marge.



Month 4ish

For 4 or 5 weeks during our time in Iquitos we will travel by boat to a nearby town called Nauta where we will be working at a ministers training centre and assisting Laura-Lee with her sustainable development work. This will again give us a totally new and different experience of the country and new projects to focus on.





Paddington Bear (@the_marmalade-bear)

Hi I’m Paddington or PB for short (that’s my new nickname). I’m from deepest darkest Peru and am very happy to be going back with these lovely people for a visit. Afterwards they have said they’ll take me round the whole UK to visit different churches, and the best bit is I get to meet all the young people. I’m very excited for this new adventure.







  • Please pray for safe journeys for all the teams (in particular the team whose flights have already been cancelled and rebooked).
  • For language learning in our first month.
  • For good health in Arequipa in particular.
  • For the forming of good relationships with the people we meet, especially in the first few weeks.
  • And for goodbyes on the 9th October, it will be difficult for us and our families as we say goodbye for 6 months.




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  1. Large Large Marge says:

    oh Paddington it was lovely meeting you too, please take care and give Aunt Lucy my love x

  2. Barney says:

    Mixed emotions today as you fly out to Peru. Very proud but going to miss you loads Jacob. Hopefully living in Cornwall has prepared you for the rainy season in Peru! Stay in touch and keep safe (no back injuries). Praying for you all that you have the most amazing time, that you are truly blessed and a real blessing.

  3. Julie Bridgen says:

    Hi Jacob it Julie chef from park community.
    Wow you are doing such an amazing thing I am so mega envious I’ve always wanted to go to Peru.
    Have a really great time I will pray for you all and I hope you get to help lots of people.
    I am so proud to have know you and your family you are all often in my thoughts.
    Take care of yourself and all around you as I know you will.

    Love to you Jake take care Julie.

  4. Di&John Rhodes says:

    Yeah! Just read your blog. Brilliant made me laugh.
    We hope you guys are acclimatising to the altitude?
    We really enjoyed your stay with us and getting to know you.
    Looking forward to reading more blogs and keeping track of all you’re doing. Love, prayers and hugs Di&John xxx

  5. Jean Underdown says:

    Ooh dear, Team Peru, I totally missed this gr8 blog. I hope and pray you are all coping excellently with the altitude and language learning. Psalm 121 for you all ++Lots of Love and Prayers from Jean xxx

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