You Just Got Perued!

A phrase that we have started to say over the past few weeks is ‘you just got Perued’. When asking the team what exactly the phrase  means they replied “when you expect to go about life normally, but then Peruvians have a completely different plan or idea that they don’t tell you about”. It is safe to say that we encounter this on a daily basis, whether it’s not being told what classes we’re teaching or being taken out for ceviche (Peru’s national dish). Although it can at times be frustrating, we’ve had many spontaneous and fun experiences where we’ve been Perued!

One Wednesday afternoon, we were in the school hall getting ready to go back to our flat, make a cup of tea and finish some last minute preparations for English Day. Little did we know that the headteacher, Hermana Debora, would soon walk in and inform us that we were now ‘going to go to the party’. On the way, she informed us it was a celebration for Spring and new life; however, the party mainly seemed to be a celebration of single people. Although it wasn’t exactly how we were planning to spend our afternoon, we laughed a lot and each received a balloon and a box of chocolates for being single (despite Bethan not even being single!). At the end of the party, we found out that it was meant to be celebrated on 23rd September, but in true Peruvian style we were celebrating it a month and a half late!

As mentioned in our last blog, we spent our first month at Bethel School preparing the kids for English Day. It was a  day which gave the kids the opportunity to show their parents the English they have learnt. On the day, they performed dialogues and songs in English that we had taught them and helped them practice. During the week, they also competed in spelling competitions. The day was a huge success! We loved watching them, and felt extremely proud of all they’ve learnt and how hard they’ve worked. It also gave us a sense of achievement, as we had greatly contributed to the preparations for the day.

We were definitely Perued last week, as we weren’t told that it was the Bethel Olympics, which were similar to a British sports day. However, we soon realised it was taken much more seriously! The school was split into four different coloured teams, battling it out over games of football, volleyball and of course your classic sack race and wheel barrow race. Each of us were put on different teams and cheered from the sidelines, where we learnt lots of Spanish football chants! It was three days of unity, fun and lots of facepaint!

High point:

Seeing the kids show everything they’d learnt on English Day. It was great seeing their hard work pay off and gave us a sense of achievement.


Low point:

As we have been forming relationships with the kids at school, they have been starting to open up to us about some of their difficult home situations. Some of the cases we have heard have been heartbreaking and it seems so unfair that kids so young have to suffer such difficult situations. It has really made us think about how fortunate we are.


God Point:

We had a phase where we struggled to see our purpose for being in Peru. Last week, we had a team Bible study that reminded us that God has a plan and a purpose for us, even if we do not understand it or see the results of our work while we are here. One verse that has helped us and has even kept spookily popping up in different places is Galatians 6:9 –  Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Prayer Point:
  • We’d really appreciate if you could pray for the kids at the Bethel school, that they feel God’s love for them and that they can talk to us about their problems, as well as that we have the right words to say to them.
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  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about what you’ve been up to and am glad you’re adapting to the spontaneous events and embracing the surprises! Becky – all your experiences at Catterline sports days will have come in handy! How great to hear the children are beginning to open up and share their burdens with you – a sign of real trusting relationships being formed. It must be rewarding for you to know you are bringing some happiness and fun into their lives, even if you can’t change other negative experiences they have faced. Keep spreading fun and laughter. Lisa xx

  2. Esther says:

    You all look really cute in your Sports Day stuff! Hope you’re having a fun time and praying for you all ❤️

  3. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the update Becky. It is good to hear from you and to find out about how God is working in your part of the world. Be encouraged that you are in our thought and prayers and confident that “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion!” Philippians 1v6

    • Team Peru says:

      Thanks Ruth! That’s such an encouraging verse and definitely one I will share with the rest of the team xx

  4. Justin says:

    Really admire the work you’re doing Becky. It seems right down your alley. What a meaningful and amazing way to spend a gap year 🙂

  5. Elaine McKibben says:

    Thanks for your latest blog girls. The photographs are wonderful. I think God has already answered your prayer point about being able to show His Love. Those children wouldn’t open up if they didn’t feel loved and accepted. I think the Galatians 6:9 verse is so helpful and inspiring. Keep up the great work. WE are continuing to remember you. Love Elaine.

  6. Paul Fisher says:

    Hi Team Peru. Great to see you getting well involved. You certainly look as if you are having a great time. We are thinking and praying for you at Catshill. Remember you are planting seeds that God will bring fruit from. Sending you all our love and best wishes.
    Paul and Debbie

    • Team Peru says:

      Thank you!! We are having the time of our lives and experiencing God in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Thank you for your prayers
      Lots of love

  7. Pat & Mike says:

    Absolutely wonderful viewing all your activities in Peru and the interacting with the children. We continue to think of you and pray for you. Also very conscious of the great need for positive, loving input into the lives of these children. We will pray for them. Love and blessings to you all. Pat and Mike

    • Team Peru says:

      So glad you have been able to see a little bit of what we’ve been up to and what life is like here! Thank you so much for your prayers too – we really do appreciate it. Lots of love to you both! X

  8. Grace says:

    But the important question is- whose team won the Bethel Olympics????!!!!
    Thanks for the update team Peru 🙂

  9. Val Mowat says:

    Great to read your latest update, Team Peru! Praying for continued safety, good health, good team spirit and a sense of God’s presence with you each new day. Love Val

  10. Eleanor says:

    You girls are fab! It can be so easy to think that your work has little results but actually God is working where you cannot even see it. And he’s also teaching you and preparing you for future moments too. Have a wonderful Christmas together and keep serving him patiently!

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